Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport

Birmingham, AL

Entails 220,359 sq. ft. of new construction and 291,135 sq.ft. of renovation to a two-story terminal, concourses, ticketing halls, office spaces, ramp operations, and concession areas. This project expands the existing airport to three concourses with 23 gates, including two international gates. Marathon Electrical, with team partner T&F, is acting as electrical subcontractor on this project, which will nearly double the size of the airport. Electrical Systems for new construction of concourse A & B and added SF to terminal N& S and remodeling concourse C. Includes power distribution (15KV & 600V) grounding, lighting and lighting control. Emergency generator, uninterrupted power supply, raceway for telecommunications, paging, audio visual, cable television, electrical testing and verification.

Owner: Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport Authority 

Contract Amount: $15,001,519

Project Size: 420,000 sq. ft.

Completion Date: May 2014