Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Marathon Electrical Contractors is committed to excellence in customer service and the continued advancement of the construction industry. BIM supports the pursuit of both of these goals by providing the opportunity to maximize project efficiency while maintaining the highest standard of quality. Recognizing the potential of this technology, Marathon chose to add BIM to preconstruction services offerings. Eleven full time Virtual Design Construction (VDC) draftsmen with a combined twenty years of trade related drafting experience and a full complement of software including Revit 2019, AutoCAD 2019, and Navisworks Manage 2019 provide the capability to capitalize on the advantages of virtual design.


  • BIM Model is utilized in the production of accurate layout drawings for precision field installation. Design adjustments can be quickly relayed to field personnel, and layout deviations due to unforeseen field conditions are integrated into the model for BIM generated As-Built documents
  • BIM Model is the foundation of prefabrication plans. Accurate structural and Architectural elements in the model allow for a high level of quality control in the fabrication of electrical rooms and other applicable modular components, which translates into fewer field modifications and quicker installation.
  • Fabrication documents are published by Marathon’s VDC Coordinators, but are reviewed for contract document compliance, code compliance (project management, preconstruction design management), and constructability (Pre-fabrication Management) before being issued for production. This workflow not only limits errors and rework, but allows for design optimization and continuous innovation by exploiting the vast and varied experience of key individuals at Marathon.
  • Flexible workforce – compressed schedules are accommodated by cross-training of personnel. A select group of Marathon field personnel are available to supplement pre-fabrication production when necessary. These individuals have been trained to identify quality control issues and effectively communicate with the pre-fabrication design team.
  • BIM Model project value – for electrical construction, BIM models provide an excellent platform for electrical room layout, large conduit/feeder rack layout underground and overhead, recessed lighting layout, cable tray layout, and intersystem coordination with mechanical, fire protection, etc.